Friday, March 27, 2009

Comfortable - one single act of violence

I am comfortable with everything youre not.
and herein lies the reasons for you're cold manner and lack of wit.
wear your animal tides on your sleeve
instead of tucked away and shamed.
Pan wasn't just another bedtime story,
he was the life lesson of your life,
Learn this and you may be free.

one single act of violence does not define me.
it is not such a heinous thing.
to be hurt and swing.
the red eyes and lasting fever,
these are the evil parts,
in evryone they're found
just a matter of how deep and hidden
its the limits in which they reach.
thats the danger.

one single act of violence.
that does not defy me.
these things you see me as.
theyre just the parts in yourself, you fear
i wear them out and about
upon my sleeve where they are seen.

thats why you expect the ugliness
i open my mouth and you expect harsh words
i whisper in the corner and you assume cruel intentions
i move suddenly and you flinch.

(... if you were standing there, looking through a looking glass made of scar tissue, do u think you'd seem strange too?.. yes i do ... )

but because of this youre blind to it.
the beautiful things too.
for every person has red eyes
and gentle palms
the red eyes that can destroy
and the gentle hands that help you heal
but like the tv guide
and video games
everybody plays a role in your mind.
we re either one 2d type or the other
and heaven forbid we re neither.

i am not my one act of violence.
i am but a symbol
to you and all your friends.
...of the thinking for yourself.
...of the wear flaws where others can see them
of an ugly time in my life...
that ill always be remembered for.
and thats all.

or at least just by you.

by you and all your friends.

(others, they can see the things you can't)

Our Tall Tale of Such Great Highs

So i'm a writer of sorts.. poetry or lyrics or (although rare) i write some fiction short stories too. here's one piece ive been working on. It's somewhere between free form poetry and lyrics.

Our Tall Tale of Such Great Highs

(. .In The Beggining. .)
(. .The Fresh Flesh. .)
I saw your silver lining for just a second...
I swear you were smiling, maybe I pasted that on.
The soft sheets on the sleazy fouton
didn't matter where, just who.
You were the ocean after the drought,
soak my skin and make me drown.
as long as i need not come down.
It wasn't you,
it was the chemistry, it effected me,,,
for five days or more, , ,
your face and firecrackers outside the door.

(In The Centre. .The Middle)
( The Centre Scar Tissue)
wake up everyday w/ a stomach ache
to go to school to see you, another heartbreak
some drunks like booze
who needs it when i have you?
some addicts need needles
I only needed loose belt loops
take the 12 steps it takes to the door
and my monster always calls me back for more....

the third and perhaps the final chapter in our tale is a very rough draft at the moment, so beware, much editing is still to come.

(The End is a Clean Slate)

you were always the floor that fell below
the person I could count on to bail
but when youre gone you leave a hole
that no one else fits into
I like to think my stupidly idealistic
matches your hopeless romantic
you either find love you can live with
or you find love you can't live without.

I am in it for keeps.
no playing around anymore.
eye on the prize and im lookin at chu

dont bail. dont fail.
learn to earn it and we'll both be better for it
we just have to be fair this time.
if you have loyalty to me, then i have loyalty to you.
If you have kind words for me, I have them for you.
As long as youre good, then Im good.
thats the deal no take backs.

you were the floor that fell below
but whoever said hell was beneath was wrong,
we fell home, when we fell in love.
be the person I can count on to fall into

take care of me
ill take care of you
give no more then you take
and give no less then receive

learn to earn it and whats left is a happy state
learn to earn it and what youll get is a clean slate