Wednesday, September 23, 2009

vocabulary. Words. Etymolgize.

There are some pretty entertaining, clever, colorful slang terms out there. Some really quirky ones arent uswed nearly enough. take "stellar" for instance. very under used. oh you'd like me to use it in a sentence? "That sure is a stellar sweater grandpa!" Also the short for for radical, "Rad", as used by 1980s surfer of Long Beach California. Ever since I was a young preteen girl drooling over Tom Delonge, Rad just has a special ring to it. For example some commonly used words that could be substituted with "Rad" are "awesome!" , "cool!" and "wicked!" These kind of terms are boring. And will not impress a girl on the first date. casually slip any of these original slang terms into your everyday vocabulary and you'll get tons more "Hanky Panky!"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Wanting, Yesterdays Missing

I miss moving around. I miss the excitement, the rejuvenation and the feeling of leaving your past behind. When i move around I feel as if Im gettting a fresh start all the time, that everything that has gone wrong in the past is wiped from my record. I can pretend to be someone else even.
I want a hammock, so i can sleep anywhere I want. I may be backpacking Europe with a very good "friend" of mine in the new year, perhaps I will take a hammock and just sleep in that.

but I miss the summer I had, I miss treeplanting, I miss not knowing where my life is headed. I told myself I would settle down a bit, keep a job, maybe even work full time, or more. But Im restless. I feel like Im missing out on something. I always feel like the excitement isn't where I am no matter what. Constant wandering eye syndrome, except this is worse. Im not just wandering onto people or friendships or jobs, I am wandering into lifestyles.

I shouldnt call it "worse". I dont feel guilty about it, in fact I feel the opposite. To me it's a lust for life, not wanting to miss anything, any opportunity that may come my way. Im always ready to take chances and throw things away on a wild bet, just in case this new exciting path is the one Im supposed to be on. But there isn't one clear cut path, you can go wherever you please. And that's just it, I want everywhere. every path. So i end up wanting... all over myself.

haha but really, im getting a kick out of it, so so what?

Technology smology

After living with as little technology as possible I have come to the conclusion that ITS A WAY BEETER EFFING LIFESTYLE THEN BEING A TOTAL TOOL!

no really, thats my conclusion. I felt so much more focused and productive. Our culture is far too saturated by mindless entertainment. video games are a little different because its problem solving, resourcefulness and skill building at times, but only slightly. facebook I also find to be useful for me personally because all my close friends are far away at the moment, therefore new friends will be made.

the first few days was especially tricky, because technology is so common place and I had become (and has become) so dependent upon it. I also found myself more active, enjoying the outdoors more often and more enthusiasticlly.