Sunday, December 5, 2010

sitting in your kitchen

i am sitting in your kitchen with your oody dog thnking about you and how go damn confused youve got me.
i am not usually one to let the elphant in the room live very long.
those kind of animals in my books have short lives.

but i am silenced.
frogs in my throat, nerves like butterflies
in my head the dramatic corny lines whisper and i yell back at them


i am sitting on your shoulder
just along for the ride
observing your many lives
as you pass by mine

we agree, we rarely disagree
sometimes i dont know what you mean
but i am still mesmerized
you make me take back the things ive sworn by
things i sometimes believe

the things at the core of me

i am sitting in your kitchen
silently brewing
silently hoping
the thing we did you might regret for all i know
silntly wishing
it might happen again

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Forms of Life

Part Une

((( Pretext Note: the advertising for Pray Eat Love inspired me. ok not so much the advertising as the title, but the advertising made me aware of it's existence. The title lead me to wonder if I wrote a something-like-a-mantra for how I live my life what would it include? I then changed my cell phone greeting to : Risk (Smile) Try (opps I ruined the mystery of which one I am! oh well I'll live) I then began to mentally investigate if I could explore another persons headspace through these kind of life sytle mantras and gain valuble insight on their psychology and life choices, not to mention their behavior...... -_- It became a examination of a number of people who have been dear to me, or are dear and... one or two who arent.... I hope you enjoy it)))

Risk (Smile) Try

Success is measured by joy gained. She tries but does not embody, She wonders if that's the point.

Knowledge (Opinion) Humane

he has found a home at an early age, bound by truth he valiantly stands tall.

Amusement (limits) Self

He chooses what he believes to be true and chooses to believe that's free will.

Ignoring His limits, he breals through his Strengths.

Freedom (Smile) Imagine

She lives her world the way it fascinates her.

Without the larger picture it takes her breth away.

Logic (Explore) Grow

In her box she positions the world around her to supply her with beautiful views.

The power suppressed drains oxygen from her surroundings.

Build (Love) See

His eyes are clear but his life has not, he looks through a bright pink pane.

he's the kind of man who never walks away.

Laugh (Trust) Unrestrained

She wears her shirts on the ground and her soul through her lips, limbs and eye looks.

She'll never look back, not even to learn, She'll spend her time smiling instead.

Passive (Depleted) Loyal

He stands for what he was taught, Though it got him nowhere.

He believes in the dust fibres Though they do nothing but Bore him.

Pleasure (Pride) Relentless

She wasn't taught to grow, so she doesn't.

She wasn't taught to love, so she doesn't.

She won't see the use in learning, so she won't.

Dream (Act) Earn

He knows he has what I want.

He doesn't bother to hide, but the words not spoken are earned words of shame and inaction.

Jump (Love) Judge

The mves of accuracy precede him.

As well as the blueprint of thought.

he looks with love but does not think

the part of him I love, The jump is always instinctive.

Try (value) Escape

He'll compete but he will not win

he'll preach but he will sin

he'll value til it hurts

and when he looses he will run.

Laugh (Explore) Defend

the act is the urge to explore not gain.

the laugh is the cover to the regret without lesson.

The defense is every instinct gone awol.

Pride (Logic) Softened

never admit you are wrong! never back down!

My mind is worth more then my heart, cept it kepps me beating.

I will not be defeated in front of anyone... But few.

Follow (Laugh) Love

He believes what he's told because everything else scares him

he hates and loves all in himself and the world that represents that.

he'll continue finding joy even when there is none.

and that's what I wanted to find out.

Part Deux

((( Pretext Note: After writting these things I realized these people have very unique effects on me, or have been unique influences on my life. I preceded to try to encompass these effects in a simple statement... simple but strong and honest. I was very satisfied after this writting session because i felt a new level of honesty with myself as well as a new found insight or perspective into others. We truly do all share a similarity in being human.)))

You make me hot

You make me cry

You make me Wonder

you make me feel like I matter

you make me feel misunderstood

You make me Question my outlook

you make me Pity you

you make me want to leave the room

you make me watch

You make me feel safe

you make me the rebel

you make me live my dreams

you make me weep

you make me consider forgive and forget

you make me strive and think