Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Lil Decision

part one: i went treeplanting and discovered i hate alot of things about the popular, media, culture and lifestyle(s)

part two: i come back to civilization and become emersed in all these things. 5 tvs in one house is too much.

part three: i become depressed and fristrated by the lifestyle return.

part 4: (today) i decided as much as i want the cabin in the woods, no tv screens n junk, thats not where i am RIGHT NOW. so just kick back, stop shitting on the present.

thought of the day

Im supposed to be enjoying myself yes? yes.
my job, i enjoy the ppl iwork with, I have great friends, acquaintances, lots of things going on. I have goals an art exhibition for the month of january, and I will be travelling as soon as I can afford too. I have a good relasionship with family. All that aside, i forgot to have fun. to be amused. to keep a sense of humor. I am 21 and am letting certain individuals bring me down, burden me. Upon realizing this i immediately felt relieved and detached at the same time. There is definately a part of me that is mourning the loss of what these individuals once were, but at the same time, the past tense there is just so present, it cant be ignored. its unfortunate when fun things get derailed, but once theyre not fun anymore theres no sense pulling it back on the rails because its not going anywhere.

just the thought of the day.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

John Muir

After watching a biography special on PBS I became very intrigued by John Muir. He was a great man and spoke to the nature lover within myself. If it wasn't for hom alot of the California wilderness that is being preserved, would have been built over, tarmac, sky scapers, etc. He made a difference in the world. He was very spiritual in his approach to wilderness and celebrated the beauty of nature by living in it. His lifestyle inspires me. Perhaps the life I want for myself is not so far off, is not so impossible in this age. I hope to read his published books at some point, though I am usually immersed in almost a dozen reading projects at a time, so who knows when I'll get around to it! He published 16 full books and approx. 18 magazine articles during his lifetime. See the provided website for full titles and sources of articles.