Sunday, August 30, 2009

Anti- Technology Oath

I, Amber McMahon, swear to live the next ten days without modern technology to the best of my ability. Without things like Facebook, DVDs, Music players and others*, I believe my life will become more purposeful, more productive and alot less depressing. I will record and journal and observe my life and behaviors over the next ten days, and thereafter on the 9th of September I will report back, my findings.

Amber McMahon August 30th 09
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Signature Date

*With the exception of job hunting at the library on the internet, and checking my hotmail inbox. because I desperately need employment.

YAY! for socail self inflicted experiments! ever I came back from treeplanting I missed the absense of technology. People didn't facebook when they were bored, they hung out with each other when they were bored, they got up to mischeif. It was a brilliant lifestyle, and I personally believe technology has grown far too involved with our everyday lives, we are far too dependent on computers, and movies, video games, etc. for entertainment, self medication and communication. Im rather excited for the next ten days actually.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Learning Come Together

so I've been attempting to learn Bass Guitar. (attempting being the most important word used here) I'm having alot of trouble because I have always just sang. This is alot easier for me, for obvious reasons, your body does the work, instead of your mind. Anyway this is the tab and program I'm using to help me with it, I've been doing better, now It's just getting up my speed to play along with it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Claim Your Sainthood

The voice sickeningly kind.
Fake and nervous. Stop the people pleasing.
Who taught you to be yourself.
Must have been the church.
Saying one thing, clearly somethng else.
The actions selfish, claiming sainthood
Take your guilt trips from my shoulders, I can't hold them.
We can only hold ourselves.
Call out everyone on your self reflection
Hasn't your shrink been saying the same thing for years
Too kind eyes, irritating droopy
searching for the pity it craves
Live off something else!
Don't make everything a problem
and learn to ask for help.

The words chosen too carefully, founded in fear
you've grown so numb, whose to know
when you're being profesional
and when you're being yourself
so damn stifled, you did it too yourself
go ahead and claim your sainthood

Every saint with jumbled obligations
and no love stand up
Every god with guilt trips
rise and witness
yes, that'll do, thank you
Whose left but the atheists, the pagans and the heretics.
The only ones with clean conscious
and all accepting no racial tenedencies
the friends who'll burn in hell fire together
instead of alone

The voice sickeningly kind
the 1st symptom, too kind eyes
You've let them in your mind.
Don't bother thinking,
that function is uneeded
and for the ones who do
we'll keep repeating holy words until they sink in
until they must be true
The too kind words that slip out of pouty lips
such sweet patronizing tones
with crass implications
well aren't you a dear
you're much too kind
until you're up there on the cross
above the others.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

lifestyle buzz

I gave up everything, and now I have the whole world to explore. "The things you own, end up owning you" So I live with almost nothing. and almost no one.