Wednesday, September 23, 2009

vocabulary. Words. Etymolgize.

There are some pretty entertaining, clever, colorful slang terms out there. Some really quirky ones arent uswed nearly enough. take "stellar" for instance. very under used. oh you'd like me to use it in a sentence? "That sure is a stellar sweater grandpa!" Also the short for for radical, "Rad", as used by 1980s surfer of Long Beach California. Ever since I was a young preteen girl drooling over Tom Delonge, Rad just has a special ring to it. For example some commonly used words that could be substituted with "Rad" are "awesome!" , "cool!" and "wicked!" These kind of terms are boring. And will not impress a girl on the first date. casually slip any of these original slang terms into your everyday vocabulary and you'll get tons more "Hanky Panky!"

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